Cognimetrix Inc., In The Words of Its Founder

CORPORATE FACT SHEET   ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIPS AND QUALITY CONTROLVISION AND MISSIONThe financial imperatives associated with the frontiers of brain imaging research often put it beyond the scope of academic institutions. To remain open to every possibility I undertook an independent approach and looked for a business avenue to pursue my goal.

Our company has two components:

  1. An ongoing Contract Research Organization (CRO) business focused on providing brain imaging acquisition, analysis and advice.
  2. Self-directed brain imaging research and development focused on producing cognitive training software that will enhance intelligence and creativity in humans. Enhanced brain function can be of assistance against diseases such as Alzheimer's and also in healthy subjects. We aim to eventually apply the same bionic based principles to enhancing intelligence and creativity in computers and robots.

Whether we are consulting or pursuing our own research and development, we work according to the highest professional and ethical standards. Our core values are:

  • Integrity in all its components
  • Credible collaboration
  • Highest quality product
  • Customer satisfaction

Our commitment to quality is especially important to our clients who use our brain imaging contract services. We will do whatever it takes, including on-site management and effective quality control software and procedures to make sure you get dependable results.

We look forward to working with you too.

Dr. Adolfo Cotter

President/Senior Advisor

Association Memberships & Quality Control

Cognimetrix works according to the highest quality standards, following GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and CPS (Commercial Practices Standards) guidelines.

Cognimetrix: our vision

Our deeper understanding of brain anatomy and physiology will lead to biomimetic-inspired pharmaceuticals, devices and methods to cure illness and enhance creativity in humans and computers across the realm of human activities. Playing a leading role in these discoveries, Cognimetrix will be known as "The Discovery Company."


Cognimetrix: our mission

Through a relentless pursuit of knowledge that uses an efficient, ethical and quality-minded code of conduct and business model, we leverage brain imaging services, data analysis and methods to aid our health-sector clients and ourselves in the development of exciting new products and procedures in less time, with less effort and at the lowest cost possible.

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